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Google Now, Virgin Galactic, and Mac OS X - 90 Seconds on The Verge

"Look into my eyes." "Um, okay... What am I looking for again?" "The obvious evades you. Stare harder, and ponder what you see." More from The Verge: ...

JEEP UConnect!

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301 Building A Shooting Board Pt. 1

Originally posted August 30 2008*** I had originally planned on releasing this video as part of a series on Monday and Wednesday. But based on the number of ...

Dancing dolls Dancing to my way remix

Dancing doll head co-captain Crystianna in front. I do not own any rights to this music selection. Bring it.

Robot Startup Series RL7 Carl Vause CEO Soft Robotics

Carl Vause is the CEO of Soft Robotics, a Boston startup commercializing the innovations from Whitesides Research Group at Harvard. Soft Robotics makes ...

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